Dr. Ronald W. Whitaker, II is an ordained minister of the Gospel, who has held ministerial leadership positions for over 18 years. As a prophetic preacher who lives by Luke 4: 18-19, the Rev. Dr. Whitaker is available for preaching and teaching assignments. Further, Dr. Whitaker has been uniquely gifted to assist churches, ministries, and faith based organizations with the following ministerial services:
Christian Education
Teacher Training

Skilled at facilitating culturally relevant ministry trainings to increase teachers understanding on the art, science, and expository methods of teaching.

Strategies to Minister
to Boys and Men
Strong expertise in holistic issues that affect boys and men (with a focus on Black males), and skilled at ministering to the aforementioned population through a culturally competent lens.
Mental Health
Counseling Training
Facilitated numerous psycho-educational mental health trainings for churches and ministries to increase leaders and lay members understanding of mental health issues that parishioners might be dealing with.
Development Training
Gifted in developing and facilitating training classes and small group session that will aide in enhanced spiritual growth, spiritual maturity, and Biblical literacy for members.
Strategic Planning
Possess the theoretical and practical knowledge needed to assist churches and ministries in developing short and long-term goals.
The Rev. Dr. Ronald W. Whitaker, II has been blessed to receive professional developments at the annual Black Theology and Leadership Institute at Princeton Theological Seminary, The E.K. Bailey Preaching Conference, and Christian Research and Development. Dr. Ron is on the ministerial staff at Pilgrim Baptist Church, where he serves faithfully under the leadership of Pilgrim’s senior pastor, The Rev. Dr. Lonnie E. Rector. Lastly, the loving support of his wife (Sheronda) and daughter (Rayan) enhances Dr. Whitaker’s ministry service.