“Dr. Ronald W. Whitaker, II, experiences within the field of educational leadership are impressive.  He brings a wealth of knowledge from his lived experiences serving as both an administrator and teacher in secondary education and also on the collegiate as well as graduate levels.  Dr. Whitaker is a thought leader that challenges the status quo through courageous conversations.  He is an emerging scholar to follow.”

Dr. Adriel A. Hilton
Dean of Students and Diversity Officer
Seton Hill University


“Professor Whitaker’s research, teaching, service and advocacy work exemplify the kinds of engagement with schools and communities necessary for transformation. His careful analyses, innovative ideas, and commitment to improving the human condition serve as a model for others. I recommend and endorse his efforts without reservation.”

Dr. H. Richard Milner IV
Cornelius Vanderbilt Endowed Chair of Education; And Professor of Education
Peabody College of Vanderbilt University


“Dr. Whitaker is a leading expert on community engagement and identity development of minoritized youth. His groundbreaking research tackles some of the most pressing issues of faced by urban educators and schools. His dynamic research focus and his many years of practical experience position him to help educational organizations become culturally responsive in sustained ways. I give high marks and the strongest possible recommendation for his work with educational organizations.”

Muhammad Khalifa, PhD
Robert H. Beck Chair of Ideas in Education
University of Minnesota
President of Adjusted School Equity Solutions


“Dr. Whitaker embodies servant leadership when you first encounter him. As a colleague and collaborator, I have witnessed his passion to transform our community through education and activism. As a man of Faith and action, he lives the words, “we must lift as we climb.”

Reverend Stephen D. Thorne
Pastor, Saint Martin de Porres Catholic Church
Faculty, Neumann University


“Dr. Whitaker has truly been a blessing to our church family and to our Christian Education Ministry. His amazing ability to work in such great depth is a reflection of his research and study. He is reflective and dynamic as he works across multiple generations within our church. Dr. Whitaker is not afraid to engage in courageous conversations as he promotes the spiritual growth and development of our congregation.”

Dr. Terry Yancey-Bragg
Education Ministry President-Pilgrim Baptist Church
Faculty-Delaware State University


“Dr. Whitaker’s experience and expertise includes improvement inquiry that engages across the boundaries of schools, academy, and community; his work exists at the nexus of educational leadership and social justice, in which he seeks to enhance localized, systemic capacity.”

Rick McCown, Ph.D.
Professor & Pierre Schouver, C.S.Sp.Endowed Chair in Mission
Duquesne University


“Dr. Whitaker is passionate about the state of black males and their experiences with educational inequities. His passion is demonstrated in his scholarship, ingenuity and authentic commitment to stand in the gaps and marginalized spaces for those who are mistreated and poorly served. Brother Whitaker shines a light on the practice of educating for excellence.”

Jacqueline Roebuck Sakho, Ed.D.,
Assistant Professor of Educational Leadership &
Director, Preliminary Administrative Licensure Program,
Graduate School of Education and Counseling,
Lewis & Clark College, Portland, OR.


“Dr. Whitaker has been a true practitioner of “giving back with a purpose” to his Alma Mater. He has worked passionately with our freshman class by providing workshops to support our college and career initiatives. He is a member of our RHS School Advisory Council and in that capacity; he serves as a collaborative partner in our efforts to provide an education with a career connected focus. This year, he has launched his signature program” Man Up” which is a wonderful mentoring program that we seek to expand next year to impact the lives of even more of our male students. Dr. Whitaker’s forward-thinking, dedication, and compassionate for our students has transformed our school culture.”

Michele W. Dawson, M.Ed.
Assistant Principal
Roxborough High School (Philadelphia School District)


“Dr. Whitaker’s passion, knowledge, humanity, and empathy have contributed to the training of future leaders and counselors. His ability to explain clearly and invite deep questioning increases the capacity for awareness, understanding and tolerance among new professionals.”

Holly Cohen and Russ Morris
Faculty, Applied Psychology & Human Development Program (APHD)
University of Pennsylvania

“Dr. Ron Whitaker is a visionary thought leader. He is a person who possess the qualities of a leader for the 21st century. His commitment to our Leadership Institute will provide the training and skills for our new leaders of the world. We are honored to have such an outstanding person on our team.”

Nathaniel “Nat” Alston
Chairman of the National Board
Co-National Founder
National Association of African American in Human Resources


“Dr. Whitaker has been committed to improving the outcomes of schools and students for over a decade. His passion and commitment to excellence always produce the highest positive outcomes for the population he diligently serves.”

Pastor Christopher A. Pender, Sr. MHS
Radio Host, Accentuate the Positive